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Driving innovative performance and function through the transformational power of Green Chemistry. Call today! 1-713-909-7717

More About Us

Over 0 Years Experience
20 years designing, developing, and commercializing new Green Chemistry products and processes.
> 0 Scientists
More than 100 scientists with advanced degrees.
  • Recipient of 11 competitive grants from the European Union (EU) for R&D projects with a budget of more than 46 million EUR.
0 Facilities
10 lab facilities globally.
  • More than 44100 square feet of technical facilities.
  • Our capabilities: Microbiology, biotechnology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, high throughput organic synthesis, analytical labs, spectroscopy lab, chromatography, high throughput analysis, Galenic lab, GMP pilot plant to develop and produce solid and liquid drugs, polymers lab, paints lab and petrochemicals lab.
  • These laboratories, pilot plants, and technical facilities are fully equipped with the latest and state of the art in synthesis. We have automatic reactors of different sizes for process optimization.
  • Biosynthesis equipment (PCR, electrophoresis, incubators, bioreactors of different sizes), analytical chromatography (UPLC-DAD, HPCL-DAD, HPLC-MS, GC-MS, GC-FID, GC-IR), semi-preparative HPLC chromatography, and spectroscopic techniques (400MHZ NMR, FTIR, UV). high throughput synthesis tools, high throughput biosynthesis tools, high throughput analytical tools, degradation test for polymers, degradation test for paints and coatings, pilot galenic pharmaceutical machinery, microbiology analytical instruments, and many others.

Countries Where We Have Done Business

InKemia Green Chemicals brings global business experience from clients in 28 countries.

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Business Sectors We Serve

We provide performance and specialty chemical products and services for multiple business sectors.

Person pulling green tape from a roll
Farmer in tractor spraying crops
Plant matter inside a test tube
Biobased Chemicals
Green and white shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer bottles with water pouring on them
Cosmetics & Personal Care
Computer board
Solar panels and windmills with city skyline in background
Clear bottles of cleaning products, a sponge, and a bar of soap
Household & Consumer Goods
Person cleaning floor with industrial scrubber
Industrial Cleaning
CMYK printing cartidges
Paint brush being dipped in can of white paint
Paints & Coatings
Pill capsules and test tubes
Close up of brightly colored threads

Company Leadership

The team at InKemia brings over 20 years of Green Chemistry experience and business leadership.

Lauren Zarama

Lauren Zarama

Previously built and sold a web technology startup. This is her second early stage venture. MBA graduate from Babson College.

Dr. Carles Estevez Company

Dr. Carles Estévez Company

Founder and CSO of InKemia since 1997. Graduate with doctorate studies in organic chemistry by the University of Barcelona. From 2000 to 2010 he has been the only non-american member of the management counselor of the “Green Chemistry Group” of the American Chemical Society.

Dr. Josep Castells

Dr. Josep Castells

Founder, Managing Director and CEO of InKemia since 1997. Doctor Cum Laude and graduate in organic chemistry by the University of Barcelona. Post-doctorate in organic synthesis by Berkley University in California.

Xavier Castells

Xavier Castells

Chief Financial Officer of InKemia since 2011 (collaborating since 2002). Graduate in Business Administration from ESADE (Barcelona). MBA from ESADE and Master of International Management from Thunderbird (Phoenix).

Dr. Paul Anastas

Dr. Paul Anastas

In addition to his role at Inkemia Green Chemicals, Paul Anastas is a professor at Yale University and the Director of the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering at Yale. His experience includes being in the Administrations of the last U.S. Presidents, including being appointed by President Obama as Assistant Administrator and head of Research and Development for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Prof. Anastas is often referred to as the “Father of Green Chemistry” and credited with founding the field in 1991.

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