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Our Green Chemistry Technology Platform

We generate innovative Green Chemistry products, processes, and solutions by applying our 20 year R&D history to your challenge. Two elements of our Green Chemistry Technology Platform make us unique: R&D Methodology and Chemical Diversity.

Unique R&D Methodology

Unique R&D Methodology

We use the most advanced computational and experimental platforms to achieve chemical design breakthroughs.

Chemical Diversity

Chemical Diversity

We have designed and developed unique, large, and highly diverse libraries that ensure the best…

Our Business Activities

We are always further developing our Green Chemistry Technology Platform. The following examples are how we can apply our expertise for your company.

Alternative Safer Ingredients Of Equivalent Performance

Alternative Safer Ingredients of Equivalent Performance

  • Replace undesired ingredients in a formulation
  • Avoid hazardous or highly regulated chemicals
  • Find functionally optimal and safer ingredients
Add New Functions To Formulations While Keeping Optimal Environmental Health And Safety (EHS) Profile

Add New Functions to Formulations While Keeping Optimal Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Profile

  • Selection of ingredients to expand the functional properties of traditional formulations
  • Focus on multifunctional chemicals
Formulation Performance Enhancement

Formulation Performance Enhancement

  • Identify ingredients that improve the efficacy of the formulation
  • Reduce application frequencies and doses
Industrial Scale-Up Of Novel And Innovative Chemicals

Industrial Scale-Up Of Novel and Innovative Chemicals

  • Development of synthetic routes
  • Development of conversion processes that use cheap and available renewable feedstocks
  • Industrial scale supply of greener performance chemicals
Alternative Solvents

Alternative Solvents

  • Development of industrial solvents of reduced toxicological profile
  • Synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients with safer solvents
  • Development of processes with minimum solvent usage
  • New application of safer alternative solvents
Industrial Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology

  • Bio-based synthesis
  • Genetic construction and expression
  • Production of bio-molecules
  • Bioinformatics
  • Fermentation processes
  • Industrial Biotechnology
Eco-efficient Synthetic Routes

Eco-efficient Synthetic Routes

  • Re-design of chemical synthesis
  • Utilization of safer reagents
  • Minimization of synthetic steps and isolations
  • High Throughput Experimentation (HTE) for the development of chemical synthesis
Waste Prevention

Waste Prevention

  • Minimization of toxic by-products
  • Salt-free processes
Eliminate Or Reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Eliminate or Reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

  • Development of high solid content formulations
  • Development of low MIR chemicals
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