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Driving Innovative Performance And Function Through The Transformational Power Of Green Chemistry

InKemia Green Chemicals is your partner in finding Green Chemistry solutions

Partner With Us

For 20 years InKemia has been designing, developing, and commercializing new Green Chemistry products and processes. Our insight and expertise in Green Chemistry has resulted in innovations benefiting companies in over 50 countries and in diverse sectors. We work with some of the largest companies as well as small, innovative businesses. We know Green Chemistry, and will partner with you to generate a portfolio of solutions to your specific challenge. InKemia Green Chemicals achieves results for our clients through our unique capabilities.

Chemical Diversity

InKemia Green Chemicals brings the largest library of functional greener chemicals. The diversity of the InKemia chemicals has been carefully designed in order to fulfill the technical specifications of many applications across different sectors.


InKemia Green Chemicals combines the large chemical diversity of its portfolio with novel theoretical frameworks for chemical discovery and optimization. This innovative approach, together with the most advanced computational and experimental platforms, opens the door to chemical design breakthroughs relevant for industrial implementation.

Solvent Services

InKemia Green Chemicals has developed a unique library of hundreds of greener and safer solvents. We can work with you to address your challenges related to solvents.

We Can

We Can

identify an alternative green solvent for you that allows for enhanced performance.

We Can

We Can

integrate an alternative solvent into a commercial product or process.

Business Sectors We Serve

We provide performance and specialty chemical products and services for multiple business sectors. Not all sectors could be listed, so contact us if you do not see your sector here.

Person pulling green tape from a roll


Agricultural Chemicals


Green and white shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer bottles with water pouring on them


Paint brush being dipped in can of white paint

Paints & Coatings

Solar panels and windmills with city skyline in background


Computer board


Close up of brightly colored threads


Clear bottles of cleaning products, a sponge, and a bar of soap

Household & Consumer Goods

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