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Driving Innovative Performance And Function Through The Transformational Power Of Green Chemistry

InKemia Green Chemicals is your R&D partner in finding Green Chemistry solutions

Examples Of How We Add Value

We look forward to addressing your specific challenge with our R&D services.

Replacement Of Hazardous Ingredients By Safer Alternatives Of Equivalent Performance

Replacement of Hazardous Ingredients by Safer Alternatives of Equivalent Performance

The chemical diversity at InKemia Green Chemicals has been carefully designed to tackle the most demanding chemicals and formulation needs. Examples of successes include the finding of optimal solvents in highly regulated sectors where multiparametric formula optimization is an essential part of product development.

Increase Technical Performance Of Formulation

Increase Technical Performance Of Formulation

Certain ingredients may enhance the efficacy of actives in formulations. This is of particular importance since it is the basis to reduce application frequencies and doses, ultimately reducing the cost for end users.

Adding New Functions To Formulations While Maintaining Good Environmental Health And Safety (EHS) Profiles

Adding New Functions to Formulations while Maintaining Good Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Profiles

A careful selection of ingredients can expand the functional properties of traditional formulations.

The large diversity of IKM-GC chemistries provides a solid foundation to achieve performance enhancement and to find multifunctional chemicals.

Industrial Scale-Up Of Novel And Innovative Chemicals

Industrial Scale-Up Of Novel and Innovative Chemicals

InKemia Green Chemicals is a global leader in the development of synthetic routes and conversion processes that use cheap and available renewable feedstocks for the synthesis of greener performance chemicals. This unique expertise in bringing new solvents to industrial scale supply at affordable prices is one of the defining features of the company.

Announcement: Catalog of 100 Green Solvents Now Available

InKemia Green Chemicals has released a subset of our broader library of green solvents for sale to the public.

All products are characterized by a benign toxicological and environmental profile.

Solvent Catalog Includes Products With The Following Sustainability Attributes:

White low VOC icon of a tree


White renewable origin icon of a leaf

Renewable Origin

White derived from waste icon of industrial barrel with leaf on it

Derived From Waste

White biodegradable icon of 3 arrows going in a circle


Business Sectors We Serve

We provide performance and specialty chemical products and services for multiple business sectors. Not all sectors could be listed, so contact us if you do not see your sector here.

Person pulling green tape from a roll
Farmer in tractor spraying crops
Plant matter inside a test tube
Biobased Chemicals
Green and white shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer bottles with water pouring on them
Cosmetics & Personal Care
Computer board
Solar panels and windmills with city skyline in background
Clear bottles of cleaning products, a sponge, and a bar of soap
Household & Consumer Goods
Person cleaning floor with industrial scrubber
Industrial Cleaning
CMYK printing cartidges
Paint brush being dipped in can of white paint
Paints & Coatings
Pill capsules and test tubes
Close up of brightly colored threads
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